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About Apostle Francina Norman

Prophetess Francina Norman has been a leading prognosticate in the global expansion efforts of the kingdom of Heaven. Grace expanded, and as a result, she was ordained an Apostle on July 9, 2022.

Her body of work transcends typical evangelical mindsets and idioms concerning ministry. With God's help, she has advanced the work of Francina Norman Ministries throughout the world with an unparalleled anointing for what has been marked as being one of the most accurate prophets of our time.

She serves as Apostolic Council to the head of states. The United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Kenya, and Ireland are just a few of the many nations of the world that have benefited from her powerful prophetic insight. A few of Apostle Norman’s accomplishments include hosting her own nationally televised program “Francina & Friends,” a CBN podcast entitled Prophetic Protocol, as well as hosting Prophetic Intersession on one of the largest platforms on the popular social media app, Clubhouse. From that app alone, over 4,000 have been saved, a young girl was snatched out of human trafficking, an individual was rescued from a domestic violence situation and many have been healed and delivered. She has also been a spiritual consultant to some of the NFL and NBA’s key personalities.

While her prophetic gift has gained access to prominent individuals such as presidents, Prime Ministers, and celebrities, her passion remains securely anchored with the foreign and domestic local churches. Her devotion to the work of ministry has remained steadfast for over 35 years with no signs of letting up.

She is the Co-Pastor of The Movement Church with her husband, International Recording Artist/Producer, Pastor Michael Norman. She is the mother of three children and has one grandson with the expectation of more to come.

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Apostle Francina Norman
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